Nine Peaks Manga

Nine Peaks Manga

Zusammenfassung: Mashio Gaku\'s father, Harumi, died. On the night of his father\'s wake, Gaku goes to go fish on the breakwater to reminisce about him, only to fall into the water instead. When he comes to, he\'s slipped back into the past 22 years. Not only that, the person who fishes him out of the water is a 16 year old Harumi. Gaku maneuvers himself into living with the Mashio\'s, and ends up going to Aoba High School with his dad. In the year 2000, Gaku learns things about his father he had never known before, first and foremost that he was once the delinquent king of Kumine. This is a story of Gaku joining his dad on the road to the throne, and what it took to get there.

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